About Children

Children learn through play, and play is crucial for healthy growth and development. Through play, children learn to problem solve, form friendships and develop physical and emotional skills required for learning and growth. Here at Honeytots Preschool and Long Daycare, children are encouraged to learn in a way, which prepares them for future life endeavours.

Current studies reveal that…

The environment of a child’s earliest years can have an effect which lasts a lifetime. By providing a safe, stimulating and caring environment, neuroscientists can identify patterns in brain activity, which can be associated with positive learning experiences. 

HoneyTots structure

  Often sending your children to childcare can be a worrying experience for parents who feel that their children would be better off in the home environment. However, at Honeytots, we aim to hold on to that family structure where families feel that sense of ownership, belonging and acceptance. Staff are committed to providing the ideal learning environment where children feel safe,secure and supported. 

"Children and Learning”

We offer a preschool program daily and we don’t believe that learning only takes place when children are preparing to enter school. Learning takes place from the day children are born and therefore, our programs offer stimulating learning practices where children of all ages are constantly engaged in pre reading activities as well as following the Early Years Learning Framework curriculum. This is perfected in a supportive learning environment though expertly trained teachers who have an understanding about children’s learning and development.